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Studierstube Thesis Work


Martin Hirzer Marker Detection for Augmented Reality Applications Seminar Project
Lukas Gruber DeShade A Deferred Shading Frame Work for Complex Lighting Master's Thesis
Joseph Newman Ubiquitous Tracking for Distributed Mixed Reality Environments PhD Thesis
Stefan Mooslechner Stylus Calibration and Prop Registration Bachelor's Thesis
Denis Poric A Software Framework for Controlling Virtual Reality Avatars via a Brain-Computer Interface Bachelor's Thesis
Thomas Richter-Trummer Flüssigkeitsbasierende Partikelsysteme Bachelor's Thesis


Alexander Bornik Virtual Liver Surgery Planning: Virtual Reality based Tools for Radiological Tasks PhD Thesis
Bernhard Kainz Quantitative Measurement and Visualization Of Four-Dimensional Cardiovascular Blood Flow Master's Thesis
Bernd Meyer Physics Education in the Field of Mechanics with Virtual Reality Master's Thesis
Alessandro Mulloni A collaborative and location-aware application based on augmented reality for mobile devices Master's Thesis
Daniel Wagner Handheld Augmented Reality PhD Thesis


Istvan Barakonyi Ubiquitous Animated Agents for Augmented Reality PhD Thesis
Mathis Csisinko Long Distance Distribution of Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications Master's Thesis
Robert Liebo Visualization of Complex Function Graphs in Augmented Reality Master's Thesis
Christian Pirchheim Visual Programming of User Interfaces for Distributed Graphics Applications Master's Thesis
Fahmy Tamer Pivy - Embedding a Dynamic Scripting Language into a Scene Graph Library Master's Thesis


Reitinger Bernhard Virtual Liver Surgery Planning: Simulation of Resections using Virtual Reality Techniques PhD Thesis
Fürnstahl Philip Consistent Mesh Partitioning Using Tetrahedral Meshes Master's Thesis
Daschek Stefan Augmented Reality Visualisierung ausgewählter Gamut Mapping Algorithmen Master's Thesis
Kalkusch Michael Cash Flow - A Visualization Framework for 3D Flow Data Master's Thesis
Psik Thomas Designing multimodal interaction for configurable distributed systems PhD Thesis
Frieb Werner XML Databases for Augmented Reality Master's Thesis


Maquil Valerie Automatic Generation of Graphical User Interfaces in Studierstube Bachelor's Thesis
Ledermann Florian An Authoring Framework for Mixed Reality Presentation Master's Thesis
Schälss Alexander Der Türkische Schachspieler Master's Thesis
Kaufmann Hannes Augmented Reality for Mathematics and Geometry Education PhD Thesis
Reitmayr Gerhard On Software Design for Augmented Reality PhD Thesis


Zajic Andreas Application management for Three-Dimensional User Interfaces Master's Thesis
Eibner Gottfried Studierstube Render Array Master's Thesis
Splechta Rainer Comprehensive Calibration Procedures for Augmented Reality Master's Thesis


Dorfmüller-Ulhaas Klaus Optical Tracking - From User Motion To 3D Interaction PhD Thesis
Marx Zsolt Interaction Elements in Studierstube Master's Thesis
Ulbricht Christiane Tangible augmented reality für Computerspiele Master's Thesis

1999 - 2001

Hesina Gerd Distributed collaborative augmented reality PhD Thesis
Schmalstieg Dieter Collaborative Augmented Reality Habilitation Thesis
Zotti Georg A Multi-purpose virtual model of the solar system Master's Thesis
Pecinovsky Clemens Integration von wissenschaftlicher Visualisierung in ein Augmented Reality-System Master's Thesis
Wohlfahrter Werner Interactive volume exploration on the study desk Master's Thesis
Fuhrmann Anton Studierstube: a collaborative virtual environment for scientific visualization PhD Thesis
Zsolt Szalavari The Personal Interaction Panel - a two-handed Interface for Augmented Reality PhD Thesis

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