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V4LSrc Member List

This is the complete list of members for V4LSrc, including all inherited members.

pixelFormatV4LSrc [protected]
postProcess()V4LSrc [virtual]
process()V4LSrc [virtual]
setParameter(std::string key, std::string value)V4LSrc [virtual]
start()V4LSrc [virtual]
videoBufferV4LSrc [private]
VideoChannel enum nameV4LSrc
videoChannelV4LSrc [protected]
VideoCompositeSource enum valueV4LSrc
videoDeviceV4LSrc [protected]
videoFdV4LSrc [private]
videoFrameV4LSrc [private]
videoHeightV4LSrc [protected]
videoInfoV4LSrc [private]
videoModeV4LSrc [protected]
videoPixelFormatV4LSrc [private]
VideoSVideoSource enum valueV4LSrc
VideoTVSource enum valueV4LSrc
videoWidthV4LSrc [protected]

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