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OpenTracker File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ARTDataTrackerChomp.cxx [code]Source file for ARTDataTrackerChomp class
ARTDataTrackerChomp.h [code]Header file for ARTDataTrackerChomp class
ARTDataTrackerModule.cxx [code]Source file for ARTDataTrackerModule module
ARTDataTrackerModule.h [code]Header file for ARTDataTrackerModule module
ARTDataTrackerSource.h [code]Header file for ARTDataTrackerSource Node
ARToolKitModule.cxx [code]Source file for ARToolKit interface module
ARToolKitModule.h [code]Header file for ARToolKit interface module
ARToolKitMultiMarkerSource.h [code]Header file for ARToolKitPlus source node
ARToolKitPlusModule.cxx [code]Source file for ARToolKitPlusModule module
ARToolKitPlusModule.h [code]Header file for ARToolKitPlusModule module
ARToolKitSource.h [code]Header file for ARToolKit source node
ButtonFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for ButtonFilter Node
ButtonFilterNode.h [code]Header file for ButtonFilter Node
ButtonHoldFilterModule.cxx [code]Source file for ButtonHoldFilterModule module
ButtonHoldFilterModule.h [code]Header file for TestModule module
ButtonHoldFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for ElasticFilter node
ButtonHoldFilterNode.h [code]Header file for ButtonHoldFilter Node
ButtonOpNode.cxx [code]Source file for ButtonOp Node
ButtonOpNode.h [code]Header file for ButtonOp Node
CallbackModule.cxx [code]Source file for Callback module
CallbackModule.h [code]Header file for Callback module
CallbackNode.h [code]Header file for Callback node
CommonNodeFactory.cxx [code]Source file for CommonNodeFactory class
CommonNodeFactory.h [code]Header file for CommonNodeFactory class
ConfidenceFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for ConfidenceFilterNode node
ConfidenceFilterNode.h [code]Header file for ConfidenceFilter Node
ConfidenceSelectNode.cxx [code]Source file for ConfidenceSelectNode node
ConfidenceSelectNode.h [code]Header file for ConfidenceSelect Node
config_win.h [code]Configuration include file for OpenTracker
ConfigNode.h [code]Header file for the ConfigNode class
ConfigurationParser.cxx [code]Source file for class ConfigurationParser
ConfigurationParser.h [code]Header file for class ConfigurationParser
ConsoleModule.cxx [code]Source file for ConsoleModule module
ConsoleModule.h [code]Header file for ConsoleModule module
ConsoleSink.h [code]Header file for ConsoleSink Node
ConsoleSource.h [code]Header file for ConsoleSource Node
Context.cxx [code]Source file for Context class
Context.h [code]Header file for Context class
CORBAModule.cxx [code]Source file for CORBAModule module
CORBAModule.h [code]Header file for TestModule module
CORBASink.h [code]Header file for CORBASink Node
CORBASource.h [code]Header file for TestSource Node
CORBAUtils.cxx [code]Source file for CORBAUtils class
CORBAUtils.h [code]Header file for CORBAUtils class, a collection of common utility functions
CyberMouseModule.cxx [code]Source file for CyberMouseModule module
CyberMouseModule.h [code]Header file for Cybermouse module
CyberMouseSource.h [code]Header file for CyberMouseSource Node
DGPSIP_Handler.cxx [code]Source file for DGPSIP_Handler
DGPSIP_Handler.h [code]Header file for DGPSIP_Handler
DGPSMirror_Handler.cxx [code]Source file for DGPSMirror_Handler
DGPSMirror_Handler.h [code]Header file for DGPSMirror_Handler
disable4786.h [code]
dllinclude.h [code]Include file to make using DLL simpler
DOMTreeErrorReporter.cxx [code]
DOMTreeErrorReporter.h [code]
DwarfModule.cxx [code]Source file for DwarfModule module
DwarfModule.h [code]Header file for DWARFMODULE module
DwarfSink.h [code]Header file for DwarfSink Node
DwarfSource.h [code]Header file for DwarfSource Node
DynamicTransformation.cxx [code]Source file for DynamicTransformation Node
DynamicTransformation.h [code]Header file for DynamicTransformation Node
DynaSightModule.cxx [code]Source file for DynaSightModule module
DynaSightModule.h [code]Header file for DynaSightModule module
DynaSightSource.h [code]Header file for DynaSightSource Node
ElasticFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for ElasticFilter node
ElasticFilterNode.h [code]Header file for ElasticFilter Node
EllipsoidTransformNode.cxx [code]Source file for EllipsoidTransformNode Node
EllipsoidTransformNode.h [code]Header file for EllipsoidTransformNode Node
Event.cxx [code]The source file for the multi-modal Event class
Event.h [code]The header file for the multi-modal Event class
EventAttribute.h [code]The header file for the EventAttribute class
EventAttributeBase.cxx [code]The source file for the EventAttributeBase class
EventAttributeBase.h [code]The header file for the EventAttributeBase class
EventQueueImplementation.cxx [code]Source file for class EventQueueImplementation
EventQueueImplementation.h [code]Header file for class EventQueueImplementation
EventQueueNode.cxx [code]Source file for class EventQueueNode
EventQueueNode.h [code]Header file for class EventQueueNode
EventUtilityNode.cxx [code]The source file for the EventUtilityNode
EventUtilityNode.h [code]The header file for the EventUtilityNode
FastTrakModule.cxx [code]Source file for FastTrakModule module
FastTrakModule.h [code]Header file for FastTrakModule module
FastTrakSource.h [code]Header file for FastTrakSource Node
File.cxx [code]Source file for File support class for the FileModule
File.h [code]Header file for File support class for the FileModule
FileModule.cxx [code]Source file for FileModule module
FileModule.h [code]Header file for FileModule module
FileSink.h [code]Header file for FileSink Node
FileSource.h [code]Header file for FileSource Node
FilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for Filter Node
FilterNode.h [code]Header file for Filter Node
FixWinCE.h [code]
FOBModule.cxx [code]Source file for FOBModule module
FOBModule.h [code]Header file for FOBModule module
FOBSource.h [code]Header file for FOBSource Node
GKTransformNode.cxx [code]Source file for GKTransformNode Node
GKTransformNode.h [code]Header file for GKTransformNode Node
GPS_Handler.cxx [code]Source file for GPS_Handler
GPS_Handler.h [code]Header file for GPS_Handler
GPSDirectionSource.h [code]Header file for GPSDirectionSource Node
GPSDriver.cxx [code]Source file for GPSDriver
GPSDriver.h [code]Header file for GPSDriver
GPSGarminAltitude.h [code]Header file for GPSGarminAltitude Node
GPSGarminCompass.h [code]Header file for GPSGarminCompass Node
GPSInfoSource.h [code]Header file for GPSInfoSource Node
GPSModule.cxx [code]Source file for GPSModule
GPSModule.h [code]Header file for GPSModule
GPSParser.cxx [code]Header file for GPSParser class and helper data types
GPSParser.h [code]Header file for GPSParser class and helper data types
GPSSource.h [code]Header file for GPSSource Node
GroupGateModule.cxx [code]Source file for Group Gate Module
GroupGateModule.h [code]Header file for Group Gate Module
GroupGateNode.cxx [code]Source file for Group Gate Node
GroupGateNode.h [code]Header file for Group Gate Node
InterpolatorModule.cxx [code]Source file for InterpolatorModule module
InterpolatorModule.h [code]Header file for TestModule module
InterSenseModule.cxx [code]Source file for InterSenseModule module
InterSenseModule.h [code]Header file for InterSenseModule module
InterSenseSource.h [code]Header file for InterSenseSource Node
InvertTransformation.cxx [code]Source file for InverTransform Nodes
InvertTransformation.h [code]Header file for InvertTransform Nodes
iostream_ext.h [code]Extensions of std::iostream
JoystickModule.cxx [code]Source file for JoystickModule module
JoystickModule.h [code]Header file for JoystickModule module
JoystickSource.h [code]Header file for JoystickSource Node
LinmouseModule.cxx [code]Source file for LinmouseModule
LinmouseModule.h [code]Header file for LinmouseModule
LinmouseSource.h [code]Source file for LinmouseSource
LogModule.cxx [code]Source file for LogModule
LogModule.h [code]Header file for LogModule
MagicYModule.cxx [code]Source file for MagicYModule module
MagicYModule.h [code]Header file for MagicYModule module
MagicYSource.h [code]Header file for MagicYSource Node
main.cxx [code]Source file containing the main function for standalone use
MathUtils.cxx [code]Source file for MathUtils class, a collection of mathematical functions
MathUtils.h [code]Header file for MathUtils class, a collection of mathematical functions
MatrixTransformation.cxx [code]Source file for MatrixTransformation Node
MatrixTransformation.h [code]Header file for MatrixTransform Node
MergeNode.cxx [code]Source file for Merge Node
MergeNode.h [code]Header file for Merge Node
Module.h [code]Header file for Module class
MulticastInputModule.cxx [code]Source file for MulticastInputModule module
MulticastInputModule.h [code]Header file for MulticastInputModule module
MulticastInputSource.h [code]Header file for MulticastInputSource Node
Network.h [code]Header file for Network data structures
NetworkSink.h [code]Header file for NetworkSink Node
NetworkSinkModule.cxx [code]Source file for NetworkSinkModule module
NetworkSinkModule.h [code]Header file for NetworkSinkModule module
NetworkSource.h [code]Header file for NetworkSource Node
NetworkSourceModule.cxx [code]Source file for NetworkSourceModule module
NetworkSourceModule.h [code]Header file for NetworkSourceModule module
newres.h [code]
Node.cxx [code]The source file for the basic Node class
Node.h [code]The header file for the basic Node class
NodeFactory.h [code]Header file for NodeFactory interface
NodeFactoryContainer.cxx [code]Source file for NodeFactoryContainer class
NodeFactoryContainer.h [code]Header file for NodeFactoryContainer class
NodePort.h [code]Header file for the NodePort class
OpenTracker.cxx [code]Source file for OpenTracker
OpenTracker.h [code]Common include file for OpenTracker classes
OpenVideoModule.cxx [code]Source file for ARToolKit interface module
OpenVideoModule.h [code]Header file for OpenVideo module
OSUtils.cxx [code]Source file for OSUtils class
OSUtils.h [code]Header file for OSUtils class, a collection of common utility functions
OT_ACE_Log.cxx [code]Source file ACE Logging Wrapper
OT_ACE_Log.h [code]Source file ACE Logging Wrapper
OTQt.cxx [code]Implementation of class OTQt
OTQt.h [code]Interface of class OTQt
otqt_manual.h [code]
otqt_mem_calib_main.cxx [code]OTQt MEM calibration tool main method
OTQtConfigFileEditor.cxx [code]Implementation of class OTQtConfigFileEditor
OTQtConfigFileEditor.h [code]Interface of class OTQtConfigFileEditor
OTQtLog.cxx [code]Logging functions (Win32) source file
OTQtLog.h [code]Logging macros (Unix) and functions (Win32)
OTQtMath.cxx [code]Implementation of class OTQtMath
OTQtMath.h [code]Interface of class OTQtMath
OTQtMEMCalibProc.cxx [code]Implementation of class OTQtMEMCalibProc
OTQtMEMCalibProc.h [code]Interface of class OTQtMEMCalibProc
OTTest.h [code]
P5GloveModule.cxx [code]Source file for P5GloveModule module
P5GloveModule.h [code]Header file for P5Glove module
P5GloveSource.h [code]Header file for P5GloveSource Node
ParButtonModule.cxx [code]Source file for ParButton module
ParButtonModule.h [code]Header file for ParButton module
ParButtonSource.h [code]Header file for ParButtonSource Node
portio.cxx [code]
portio.h [code]
PositionFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for PositionFilterNode
PositionFilterNode.h [code]Header file for Position Filter Node
QtAppScreen.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtAppScreen
QtAppScreen.h [code]Interface of class QtAppScreen
QtAppScreenPosSink.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtAppScreenPosSink
QtAppScreenPosSink.h [code]Interface of class QtAppScreenPosSink
QtMouseButtonSink.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMouseButtonSink
QtMouseButtonSink.h [code]Interface of class QtMouseButtonSink
QtMouseEventCalibModule.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMouseEventCalibModule
QtMouseEventCalibModule.h [code]Interface of class QtMouseEventCalibModule
QtMouseEventModule.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMouseEventModule
QtMouseEventModule.h [code]Interface of class QtMouseEventModule
QtMouseEventModuleBase.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMouseEventModuleBase
QtMouseEventModuleBase.h [code]Interface of class QtMouseEventModuleBase
QtMouseEventSinkBase.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMouseEventSinkBase
QtMouseEventSinkBase.h [code]Interface of class QtMouseEventSinkBase
QtMousePosSink.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMousePosSink
QtMousePosSink.h [code]Interface of class QtMousePosSink
QtMouseWheelSink.cxx [code]Implementation of class QtMouseWheelSink
QtMouseWheelSink.h [code]Interface of class QtMouseWheelSink
RangeFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for RangeFilter Node
RangeFilterNode.h [code]Header file for RangeFilter Node
RefNode.h [code]The header file for the RefNode class
resource.h [code]
SelectionNode.cxx [code]Source file for Selection Node
SelectionNode.h [code]Header file for Selection Node
serialcomm.cxx [code]Source file for serial communication
serialcomm.h [code]Header file for serial communication
SpaceMouseModule.cxx [code]Source file for SpaceMouseModule module
SpaceMouseModule.h [code]Header file for Spacemouse module
SpaceMouseSource.h [code]Header file for SpaceMouseSource Node
SpeechCore.cxx [code]Source file for SpeechCore
SpeechCore.h [code]Header file for SpeechCore
SpeechDef.h [code]Header file for SpeechDef
SpeechInc.h [code]Header file for SpeechInc
SpeechModule.cxx [code]Source file for SpeechModule module
SpeechModule.h [code]Header file for SpeechModule module
SpeechSet.cxx [code]Source file for SpeechSet
SpeechSet.h [code]Header file for SpeechSet
SpeechSource.cxx [code]Source file for SpeechSource
SpeechSource.h [code]Header file for SpeechSource Node
SpeechVoice.cxx [code]Source file for SpeechVoice
SpeechVoice.h [code]Header file for SpeechVoice
SpeechVoiceModule.cxx [code]Source file for SpeechVoiceModule module
SpeechVoiceModule.h [code]Header file for SpeechVoiceModule
StaticTransformation.cxx [code]Source file for StaticTransformation Node
StaticTransformation.h [code]Header file for StaticTransform Node
StdAfx.h [code]
StringAligner.h [code]Header file string aligner
StringFixer.h [code]Header file string fixer
StringTable.cxx [code]Source file for StringTable class
StringTable.h [code]Header file for StringTable class and helper classes
TargusModule.cxx [code]Source file for TargusModule
TargusModule.h [code]Header file for TargusModule
TargusSource.h [code]Header file for TargusSource
TCPModule.cxx [code]Source file for TCPModule Node
TCPModule.h [code]Header file for TCPModule module for the virtual show case viewer
TCPSink.h [code]Header file for TCPSink Node
test.cxx [code]Source file containing the main function and test code for the test program use
TestModule.cxx [code]Source file for TestModule module
TestModule.h [code]Header file for TestModule module
TestSource.h [code]Header file for TestSource Node
ThreadModule.cxx [code]Source file for ThreadModule class
ThreadModule.h [code]Header file for ThreadModule class
ThresholdFilterNode.cxx [code]Source file for ThresholdFilter Node
ThresholdFilterNode.h [code]Header file for ThresholdFilter Node
TimeGateNode.cxx [code]Source file for TimeGateNode
TimeGateNode.h [code]Header file for TimeGate Node
TimeModule.cxx [code]Source file for Time module
TimeModule.h [code]Header file for Time Module
tool.cxx [code]
ToolAppWin.cxx [code]Source file for the main application window class of the OpenTracker tool
ToolAppWin.h [code]Header file for the main application window class of the OpenTracker tool
ToolIOModule.cxx [code]Source file for special module handling ConsoleSink / ConsoleSource nodes instead of the usuall ConsoleModule
ToolIOModule.h [code]Header file for special module handling ConsoleSink / ConsoleSource nodes instead of the usuall ConsoleModule
ToolSink.h [code]Header file for ToolSink Node
ToolSource.h [code]Header file for ToolSource Node
Transformation.cxx [code]Source file for Transformation Node
Transformation.h [code]Header file for Transformation Node
Translator.cxx [code]The source file for the Translator class
Translator.h [code]The header file for the Translator class
TriangulateOrientationNode.cxx [code]Header file for Merge Tracker Node
TriangulateOrientationNode.h [code]Header file for Merge Tracker Node
UbisenseModule.cxx [code]Source file for the Ubisense interface module
UbisenseModule.h [code]Header file for the Ubisense interface module
UbisenseSource.cxx [code]Source file for Ubisense source node
UbisenseSource.h [code]Header file for Ubisense source node
UltraTrakModule.cxx [code]Source file for UltraTrakModule module
UltraTrakModule.h [code]Header file for UltraTrakModule module
UltraTrakSource.h [code]Header file for UltraTrakSource Node
VideoUser.h [code]
VirtualTransformation.cxx [code]Source file for VirtualTransformation Node
VirtualTransformation.h [code]Header file for VirtualTransformation Node
VRPNModule.cxx [code]Source file for VRPN module
VRPNModule.h [code]Header file for VRPN module
VRPNSink.cxx [code]Source file for VRPNSink node
VRPNSink.h [code]Header file for VRPNSink node
VRPNSource.cxx [code]Source file for VRPNSource node
VRPNSource.h [code]Header file for VRPNSource node
WacomGraphireModule.cxx [code]Source file for WacomGraphireModule module
WacomGraphireModule.h [code]Header file for WacomGraphireModule module
WacomGraphireSource.h [code]Header file for WacomGraphireSource Node
XKeys.cxx [code]
XKeys.h [code]
XMLSelection.h [code]
XMLWriter.cxx [code]Source file for XMLWriter class
XMLWriter.h [code]Header file for XMLWriter class
XSensModule.cxx [code]Source file for XSensModule
XSensModule.h [code]Header file for XSensModule
XSensSource.cxx [code]Source file for XSensSource
XSensSource.h [code]Header file for XSensSource Node

copyright (c) 2006 Graz University of Technology