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ot::OSUtils Class Reference

#include <OSUtils.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static double currentTime ()
static void sleep (double time)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 59 of file OSUtils.h.

Member Function Documentation

double ot::OSUtils::currentTime (  )  [static]

returns the current time in milliseconds since 1.1.1970.

Someone said this should probably be a long, I used a double because VRML does too.

check whether double or long is better
double containing milliseconds since ...

Definition at line 51 of file OSUtils.cxx.

Referenced by ot::TimeModule::close(), ot::FileModule::init(), ot::FileModule::pushEvent(), ot::FOBModule::run(), ot::Context::runAtRate(), ot::TimeModule::start(), ot::TimeModule::stop(), and ot::Event::timeStamp().

void ot::OSUtils::sleep ( double  time  )  [static]

sleeps for the specified amount of milliseconds and yields the execution to another thread.

If 0 is specified, only a yield is performed (implementation based on Sleep (Win32), sginap (SGI)). The implementation is actually not accurate enough, because both systems provide only timeslices of 1/100 of a second. So all sleep times will actually be multiples of 1/100 of a second.

  • time time to sleep in milliseconds

Definition at line 58 of file OSUtils.cxx.

Referenced by ot::Bird::autoConfig(), ot::Context::close(), ot::MagicYModule::disconnect(), ot::Bird::getErrorCode(), ot::FastTrakModule::initFastTrak(), ot::FOBModule::initFoB(), ot::Bird::reset(), ot::FOBModule::resetBirds(), ot::JoystickModule::run(), ot::FOBModule::run(), ot::FastTrakModule::run(), ot::DynaSightModule::run(), ot::Context::runAtRate(), ot::Bird::sendReset(), ot::FOBModule::setAngleAlign(), ot::Bird::setGroupMode(), ot::FOBModule::setHemisphere(), ot::FOBModule::setNextTransmitter(), ot::FOBModule::setReferenceFrame(), ot::FOBModule::setReportMode(), ot::FOBModule::setScale(), ot::FOBModule::setXYZFrame(), ot::Bird::sleep(), ot::FOBModule::startStreamMode(), and ot::TimeModule::stop().

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