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OpenTracker is a new hardware and event processing software for VR and AR applications. It is designed to be extensible and easily configureable. It is distributed under the Lesser Gnu Public License. See the file LICENSE.txt for details.

Its functionality is divided into modules that implement specific functions like device drivers, network interfaces etc. This simplifies adding new functionality. For a list of currently implemented modules see the Module Reference page.

Modules exchange data via a shared memory that is structured into a tree. Different nodes of the tree are managed and observed by different modules. The nodes exchange data via three interfaces :

A node may implement several interfaces. However parent child relationships are only allowed betweem nodes that understand each other. This is specified in the configuration file format DTD.

The following links point to a reference of all modules and nodes and how their configuration elements are specified :

More information on building, using and extending OpenTracker can be found here : Additional information regarding various modules can be found here : Also see a list of OpenTracker Changes between each version and a list of Contributing People we would like to thank.

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2001, 2002, 2003

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