stbDay3 -  Final Program
Date: Fri Dec 19, 2003
Location: Seminar room 186, Favoritenstrasse 9-11/188/2, A1040 Vienna
The 3rd Studierstube Workshop (stbDay3) features selected presentations of recent and ongoing work by the Studierstube team and its collaborators. The organizers are particularly happy to have several presentations from TU München, TU Graz, Fraunhofer IGD and Imagination GesmbH.
Session Time Dur. Speaker Title Affiliation
Ubiquitous Tracking 10:00 00:30 Joe Newman  Fundamentals of Ubiquitous Tracking TU Wien
  10:30 00:30 Thomas Pintaric Implementation of Ubiquitous Tracking TU Wien
Coffee Break 11:00 00:30 Flo Ledermann  VRLU Projects Demo Part I
Software Architecture 11:30 00:30 Martin Wagner  Distributed Spatial Configuration of Context Aware Applications TU München
  12:00 00:30 Asa MacWilliams  Software Patterns for Augmented Reality TU München
  12:30 00:30 Michi Knapp  Yard Augmented Reality Demonstrator TU Wien
Lunch Break 13:00 01:30 Mensa 0
Industrial and Medical Apps 14:30 00:30 Christian Sandor  Rapid Prototyping for Augmented Reality User Interfaces in Cars TU München
  15:00 00:30 Timo Fleisch SketchAR Fraunhofer IGD
  15:30 00:30 Alex Bornik Liverplanner TU Graz
Coffee Break 16:00 00:30 Flo Ledermann  VRLU Projects Demo Part II
Edutainment 16:30 00:30 Istvan Barakonyi  ARPuppet - A Character Animation Framework for AR TU Wien
  17:00 00:30 Alex Schaelss  The Turkish Chessplayer Imagination
Break 17:30 01:00
Social Event 18:30     X-Mas Party  
Sponsored by the Austrian Computer Society OCG