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3D Graphics Library for Mobile Devices

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Klimt is an open-source 3D library, targeted for PDAs and mobile phones. Its API is very similiar to that of OpenGL and OpenGL|ES. We do not claim conformance with these APIs. Nevertheless, Klimt is able to run Coin3D, a large scene-graph base library that builds on top of OpenGL.

This product is based on the published OpenGL® ES API, but is not an implementation which is certified or licensed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. under the OpenGL® ES API. OpenGL® and OpenGL® ES are registered trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries worldwide. Klimt is independent of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Please note:

  • If you are interested in OpenGL, please visit their website at OpenGL.org or SGI.com.
  • If you are interested in OpenGL|ES, please visit their website at khronos.org.

Klimt is freely available under the GPL license.

Textured Character Caleb

Klimt is targeted for hardware independence and speed. The only requirement for an actual device to to be able to run Klimt is a 16-bits (RGB565) linear framebuffer. Klimt compiles without any further dependencies. No additional libraries are required for a minimum version.

Currently Klimt runs on the following list of platforms:

Upcoming platforms are



Latest news on Klimt's source code can always be found here.




On PocketPC we recommend using Klimt with the Intel GPP and PocketHAL.

Per default both libraries are used. If you do not want to compile and link against these libraries please remove the _USE_FIXED_GPP_ and/or _USE_POCKETHAL_ preprocessor definitions in the project settings.

From version 0.4.1 upwards, Klimt supports wgl and egl API functions for context and render target creation. Additionally the developer can still provide it's own color buffer using sglSetColorBuffer(). The "simple" sample application demonstrates all three context creation mode (egl, wgl & sgl).


More information

Klimt is currently in beta stage, hosted at sourceforge.

Also, be sure to visit our handheld AR webpage to get more information about Klimt.

In order to be always up to date subscribe to the Klimt mailing list.

For any questions please contact klimt@studierstube.org.