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The Handheld Augmented Reality
Project is supported by the
following institutions:



Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft


Graz University of Technology




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Past Projects


Augmented business cards (2009)


Small tech demo showing tracking and augmenting business cards using Studierstube Tracker

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Augmented Reality Games (2007)


Development of Multi-player mobile-based Augmented Reality Game.

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Museum Augmented Reality Quest (2007-2005)


Mobile Augmented Reality Quest aims at developing an electronic tour guide for museums based on a self-contained, inexpensive PDA, that delivers a fully interactive 3D Augmented Reality (AR) to a group of visitors.

[more information]

Signpost (2007)

Signpost 2007

Created for Microsoft to guide 1000s
of users at Microsoft internal conference.

[more information]

Locoball (2007)


A 2D team-based game played
on high-res tracked displays.

[more information]

Locoball (2006)


ISMAR 2006 demo showing City Visualization
on various handheld devices.

[more information]

Caleb on Smartphone (2006)

Caleb on Smartphone

Technology demo showing Handheld AR technology
on an i-mate SP5 phone.

[more information]

Caleb on the Gizmondo

Caleb on the Gizmondo

Technology demo showing Handheld AR technology
on a Gizmondo gaming console.

[more information]

Virtuoso (2005)


A Multi-Player Collaborative Art History Learning Game.

[more information]

The Invisible Train (2004)

Invisible Train

A Collaborative Handheld Augmented Reality Game.

[more information]

SignPost (2003)


A mobile augmented reality navigation guide.

[more information]

Kanji Teaching (2003)

A mobile AR memory game.

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