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Studierstube Documentation

Welcome to the Studierstube documentation project. These pages are constantly being restructured. If you find any broken links or miss information from the old documentation pages, mail schmalstieg@icg.tugraz.at.

Studierstube 4

Doxygen documentation of Studierstube 4.

The Event System of Studierstube 4. download pdf

The Viewer of Studierstube 4. download pdf

How to write an application with Studierstube 4. download pdf

Integrating Pivy into Studierstube 4. download pdf

Camera calibration for Studierstube and ArToolKitPlus. download pdf

Studierstube 3.3

The latest Studierstube 3.3 documentation can be found here.

Related Software

OpenTracker: Studierstube uses the open XML-configurable framework called OpenTracker for input of tracking data.

OpenVideo Our video abstraction library.

Coin 3D, an opensource implementation of the OpenInventor framework with many more features than the original SGI Inventor implementation. it is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

Qt: This cross-platform GUI toolkit from TrollTech is used to manage the 2D part of Studierstube's user interface. It is free for non-commercial purposes. If you need a license, visit TrollTech's web site.


Doxygen: The C++ documentation tool automatically extracts definitions and annotations from source code files and builds a hyperlinked online reference. We use this tool to document the Studierstube project. Also see the sample config file.

OpenInventor Visio Stencil: This is a stencil (shape) file for MS Visio to do the nice OpenInventor style scene graph diagrams.

Sample Doxygen Configuration File: Use this as a possible starting point for extracting documentation with Doxygen.






















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