Third Winter Augmented Reality Meeting 2008

21st/22nd February 2008, Graz, Austria

Call for Participation

The fields of Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and Ubiquitous Computing have the potential to be synergistic. However, the overlap and mutual contributions of each area has yet to be expressed and understood. The specialist, immersed in his or her own discipline, struggles to see the "big picture". The core of the workshop is to be Augmented Reality and Ubiquitous Computing and we are soliciting presentations from members of each community that illuminate the interplay between the different disciplines and AR.

We welcome presentations on all topics related to AR and Ubicomp including but not limited to:

The event is organized in a conference style. Yet we want to emphasize the informal character of WARM: There will be no proceedings or publications. Instead we invite to present new ideas and results in order to gain early feedback and hence improve chances for official publications.

The workshop lasts for two days, each having a different focus. A detailed program will be put online after the submission deadline. We plan to have 15-20 min presentation slots and at least 10 min of discussion time for each presentation. Furthermore we plan demo sessions (in case enough demos are submitted).

To participate, please register until 15th of December and submit a title and a short abstract for your presentation to by 15th of January.

Expected Attendees

After the great success of last two WARM events (information to be found here and here), WARM will again be bigger this year. We expect visitors from different research entities from Austria, Germany, France, uK and some non-European colleagues too. We are happy seeing WARM evolving into a more and more international event.


The advance program is now online here.

Skiing Event

There is a 3-day skiing event planned for the days after the workshop from February 23rd to 25th. We will rent apartments directly in the skiing area yet to decide. Since we have to book the apartments early, registration for the skiing event is December 15th too.


The 2-day workshop will be held in at the Graz University of Technology. Most of the event will take place in lecture hall i2 (look for "talks" in the map below).
The location for the skiing days will be close to Graz, but is still open to decide.




Attendees have to organize hotel rooms on their own. There are no costs for the workshop itself. The following hotels are nearby the workshop location:

More hotels can be found at Graz Tourismus.

Those who want to go skiing can find the price for tickets at Planneralm here. Other skiing areas in Styria have similar prices. The costs for renting the apartments was 105€ per night last year (this is for a complete apartment with 5 or 6 beds!). We still have to decide how we will travel from Graz to the skiing area.


The workshop itself will last for two days (Thu/Fri 21st/22nd February) plus an optional three day skiing event after the workshop (Feb. 23rd to 25th) for those interested.


Please register until 15th December 2006 to